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Top-Rated Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Schema Therapy

Ultimate Convenience: All sessions take place remotely, using our excellent, HIPAA-compliant online platform for virtual sessions—available to use on your favorite device.

Loving at Your Best Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriages and love relationships have taken a hit over the last three years, as we shift to the other side of what for many of us has been a life-changing pandemic. You may be struggling at this point to find a new "norm," which may include re-evaluating your marriage or love relationship -- especially if your partnerships has felt more like a prison rather than a refuge. 
You are not alone. We all have our issues, and it's no surprise that you may be feeling more stuck and isolated than ever before. It's probably crossed your mind more than once that you need to get help before it's too late for your relationship.


Let's change that uses clinically proven breakthroughs for couples in trouble. Working with a dedicated, passionate, and highly experienced therapist, you can significantly improve your marriage or love relationship, and increase your self-esteem. 
These are the kinds of results you get to keep in your marriage or love relationship. Once you have the right tools, you will be able to catch yourselves from falling back into old patterns, and to course correct before problems escalate.


The key to the Loving at Your Best Plan from is focus. Your therapist will see through the often murky waters that run through relationship conflicts, and help you and your partner or spouse find new ways to rebuild the ties that brought you together.


Marriage and Couples Counseling Designed for You

Travis Atkinson, LCSW, developed the Loving at Your Best Plan for couples like you. If you're tired of being stuck, and need change to happen now, you can feel confident that the best approaches can help you and your partner or spouse.

Travis has extensive training with some of the pioneers in the field of psychotherapy, including:

With nearly 30 years of extensive experience and research in couples therapy, Travis came up with a breakthrough program engineered to identify blocks and patterns, and replace them with an actionable plan to reinforce your connection and bring back the joy to your marriage or love relationship.

Maybe you've tried couples therapy before. The Loving at Your Best Plan isn't your cookie-cutter couples counseling or marriage counseling. This is a program designed to give you the steps you need to rebuild your marriage or love relationship, one milestone at a time.

Along with a team of therapists, including Paul Chiariello, LMSW, and Jack Haines, LMFT, is here to help you truly love at your best.​

Aren't you tired?

You and your marriage or love relationship deserve better. It's time to stop carrying the burden of a troubled marriage or love relationship. You can rebuild the foundation of your marriage or love relationship once again, and learn to feel safe, loved, and heard. 
​ has the right tools for you and your partner or spouse.
Let's turn things around before it's too late.


Exceptional and Authentic



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