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Hopeful Signs for Your Marriage

Throughout our time dealing with this pandemic, we’ve been challenged by learning how to maintain connections. Navigating through isolation and quarantine, we’ve all been struggling to nurture the health of our marriages. Couples have had to learn how to work remotely in the same apartment for months, and many had to navigate e-learning for their children as well. It has been over a year of getting used to a new reality. Is Your Marriage Dealing with the Quarantine Blues? At the beginning of quarantine, there was a bit of panic about how couples would be able to maintain stability within their marriage under these new conditions. There was a time when it was very easy to find blogs writing about whether the pandemic would result in an increase in divorces and a decrease in marriages. If you to take a closer look, we don't have a complete picture yet. While it is true that there has been a decrease in marriages in the past year, that has more to do with so many venues and businesses being shut down for most of the year, with couples delaying their marriage dates. Marriages have been affected by the pandemic depending on how stable the relationship was before we 'socially distanced.' Many couples who were already struggling with financial security were hit a bit hard because of the pandemic, especially if one or both of the people got laid off or furloughed from their job. Essentially, any issue that a couple was already struggling with got amplified, mainly because it has been much harder to distract ourselves from our issues. The shut down gave many people the space for self-reflection but also created more room to feel isolated and lonely in a relationship. Understanding that, it’s important to know that we are slowly moving forward, with more and more people getting access to the vaccine each day. Businesses are slowly opening up like dining at restaurants with more capacity. The weather is improving, making more of the city accessible and enjoyable, while still practicing social distancing. There is hope for what we will get in the future and many couples have a great amount to look forward to.

It’s understandable that many people are still dealing with the mental anxieties of being at home most of the time and the wellness of our communities. It’s important for couples to know that we’ll be going into a new transition once we reach the stage of post-pandemic.

Find a Marriage Therapist To Give You and Your Partner Quality Support! It’s understandable during this time of transition for couples to feel some anxiety about things opening up again and how to navigate their marriage. It’s also important to know that it’s always ok to ask for the right support for your needs. Marriage therapy can be a great way to learn new skills about how to talk about disagreements and understand how to better live in the same space with each other. Sometimes having a specific space with someone to help facilitate having hard conversations is needed. This is where the counselors at Loving At Your Best come in to help couples understand and remember why they fell in love with each other. See, with the pandemic, many of us have been in survival mode which has made it harder to remember what we appreciate about our lives and the people we share it with. Many married couples and people in serious relationships where they live with their romantic partner had struggled a great deal with understanding how to share an apartment together during a pandemic while also still getting enough space for alone time and independence. The marriage therapists at understand how complicated it can be to try to rebuild a connection when you have so many things already on your plate. That’s why we’re here to help because the connections your make with the ones you love are the most important connections you’ll have in your life. There’s always room to grow and reconnect to the love you had. When you need a marriage therapist in NYC, our team of talented marriage therapists is here to help you navigate and nurture your relationship. It’s not surprising that many marriages are dealing with great amounts of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Many relationships are starting to feel more like a prison, but there is so much hope on the horizon. Finding marriage therapists in NYC is no longer hard with the work that Loving At Your Best does for our clients. Can Revitalize Your Marriage With the right tools, couples are able to notice as well as name the issues that they are struggling to navigate, take steps to repair any damage, and agree on a plan for future situations. The journey of revitalizing your marriage shouldn’t be one you have to take alone especially since there are so many other couples who have struggled and worked through their challenges together. The first step you must make as a couple is acknowledging that you would want to make a change in how you two interact with each other day to day. With our clinically proven breakthrough methods, the Loving At Your Best plan is made to help married couples and people in serious loving relationships who want to develop more dedication, passion, and empathy into their relationship. Our couples therapists also work with the couple to build self-confidence outside of the relationship. The lack of independence many people face as a result of being quarantined has impacted couples tremendously but there is still room to rebuild and grow to better our relationships for the future. This is the place with the best marriage therapists in NYC who believe in giving our clients the tools to rebuild their relationship with their loved ones, step by step, with the guidance of our program. We offer a nontraditional program made for marriages, for couples who are ready to step into what a post-pandemic world can bring to enjoy a healthier marriage for themselves and each other.

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